Tapered 100% Cotton Trousers


Tapered 100% Cotton Trousers

Size Body Length Waist
Size Body Length Waist
S 97cm 78cm
S 38.20″ 30.70″
M 98cm 82cm
M 38.60″ 32.30″
L 99cm 86cm
L 39.00″ 33.50″
XL 100cm 90cm
XL 39.40″ 35.40″
  • Measuring Tips

How do I measure my size?

  • Waist size measures the slimmest part of your natural waistline – above your navel and below your ribcage.
  • Hip size measures around the point of your hips at the top of your legs.

SKU: 21R9MPT11

Organic cotton has many advantages: its moisture-controlling ability, high insulation, comfortability, and durability. It is one of the most popular and loved materials in the world.In solidly colored, these all-cotton pants taper in a comfortable curvature and feature unique built-in belt details. With a formal vibe, the piece is actually skater-inspired.

– Mid Waist
– 100% Cotton

  • Mid Waist
  • 100% Cotton
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